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Wednesday 5 March 2008

More germination

Filed under: Progress — Helen @ 11:05 am

I am now the proud owner of 33 baby dahlias. I had thought dahlias would be tricky, because the flowers look so complicated, but they certainly seem to be very easy to germinate. According to the packet, there were only about 40 seeds, so that is an 82.5% germination rate, which I would never complain about, especially for 59p a packet. The petunias have started to germinate too, so they managed it in under 4 days. I am not sure whether the incredibly fast germination rate is due to the temperature of the room. The window is south facing, so it gets a lot of sun, and I keep the radiator on all the time because this is the room I use to dry my washing. But if temperature makes germination faster without any other penalties, why doesn’t the seed packet say this? I just hope that they don’t all die of growing up too fast.


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