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Friday 14 December 2007

Too cold for weeding

Filed under: Progress — Helen @ 1:42 pm

Today I moved some of my portable herbaceous border to nearer the house. It doesn’t get as much light there, but it does get some shelter from the cold. I wondered whether I should leave the fallen beech leaves in the pots to provide some insulation, or whether I should take them out in case they cause the plants to rot. I decided to take them out, since it is forecast to be a milder than average winter, which probably means rain. Many of the pots are infested with weeds, but I can’t pull them out because the soil is like a brick.

I inspected my new water butts, and found that three of them are pretty full. Unfortunately the new ones are leaking from the tap. The fourth butt had only a little water in it, so I tipped the water out and put PTFE tape around the tap, like I did on my first water butt. A plumber told me that PTFE stands for “Plastic tape, fixes everything”. Quite right.


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