Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Monday 3 December 2007


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I have made some actual progress by getting a man in to wire up my water butts. As I said in an earlier post, I have four water butts, but I originally intended to have only three. I have two of them fitted in series to a downpipe at the east side of the house, and the other two will be fitted, again in series, at the west side of the house. They are not installed yet because the rainsaver attachment was too small for my downpipe, and needs an attachment to make it fit. So for now there is a gap in my downpipe. The work took place on Saturday, and on Sunday it rained pretty much all day, so I was pleased to find that one of the water butts was about one-third full. This is not a bad start. The forecast for the winter is: slightly milder than usual, and lots of rain. So I should be able to fill all four of the butts ready for the summer. Last summer I didn’t need to water my portable herbaceous border much, but I expect summer will be back to normal next year.

Apart from that I have carried on with the weeding (still not done, but getting there) and have tidied up my garage a bit because I have agreed to help Father Christmas store a bulky present for the children of one of the neighbours. It is still not tidy enough to store a greenhouse, but it is a big improvement.


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