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Sunday 27 May 2007

Bank Holiday Weather

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In preparation for tomorrow’s Bank Holiday, the weather has turned very anti-gardening. It has been raining since before 7 a.m. today and floods are forecast. Fortunately I took some notice of the forecast and pulled up 400 weeds yesterday, as well as filling up my council garden waste collection bag with cotoneaster. (I am surrounded by the stuff – I have it on both sides of my house). The rain gives me time to formulate a new maths problem, which should be solvable by anyone who is very good at AS level (first year sixth form) maths.

A gardener has a patch of weeds. She pulls up 600 weeds every morning. Every afternoon the number of weeds goes up by 10%. After 10 days she has pulled up all the weeds (so she pulls up 6000 weeds altogether). How many were there to start with?

I will publish the answer in a week’s time, unless the rain stops.


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