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Tuesday 22 May 2007

Will I or won’t I?

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The peony which I dug up and stuffed in a pot earlier this year has produced two buds and has been sitting there holding them up for some weeks now without any discernable inclination to unfurl them into flowers. I can read its mind: it’s thinking, “She doesn’t deserve any flowers after digging me up when everyone knows you’re not supposed to move peonies. On the other hand, if she can be cruel enough to dig me up, goodness knows what she’ll do next year. This could be my last chance to start a family.”

Peony trying to decide whether to flower or not

Yesterday I managed to mow both lawns and pull up 200 weeds from the annual seed bed before it started raining. Today there is no sign of rain, and I have pulled up 600 weeds. I also repotted a few plants, including my climbing hydrangea from Wilkinson’s, which is putting on a good amount of growth. I am continuing to harden off my tomatoes by putting them in my sheltered front porch by day and taking them in at night. Some people have put their tomatoes out already, and I probably could have got mine out this week if I had started hardening them off earlier, but I don’t think it really matters, as they will catch up. Anyway, if all goes to plan, next year I will be able to put them in the greenhouse and start them off really early.

Just after I finished writing the above, my order from Crocus arrived. That was quick! I only ordered the plants on Sunday. I ordered a Cornus Alba Sibirica and a Campanula portenschlangiana. They both turned up in excellent condition, looking none the worse for being put in a cardboard box. The Campanula portenschlangiana looks familiar. I think I used to have one, some time ago, but it got smothered by a more vigorous plant growing next to it. I shall make sure I grow it on in pots before I plant it anywhere this time. It was one of the ones recommended by Yvonne, and I can see that it would make excellent ground cover between stepping stones.

So Crocus join my list of good guys, and I would definitely buy from them again. Their only fault is that they don’t have any plain elaeagnus x ebbingei (they only have the variegated version).


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