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Friday 18 May 2007

Nice weather for grass

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After a very hot and dry April, we have had huge amounts of rain in May. Today, at last, the heavens closed and I enjoyed a sunny morning in the garden, weeding again. Unfortunately I found that my water butt was completely empty, despite all the rain, because the downpipe was blocked. I had to take it off the wall and empty it into the compost bin.

However, the grass seed I planted in April has really benefited from the cooler, wetter weather. I was lucky there, because I did plant it rather late.

New grass growing

I have pulled up 600 weeds from the annual seed bed, and I estimate there are about 6000 left. And that’s just in that area of the garden. The weeds are growing very strongly in other areas, particularly around the pond. If you are wondering how I know I pulled up 600 weeds, it is because when I have a huge amount of weeding to do, I pull up 100 weeds and then go and do something else, and then come back and pull up another 100 weeds, and so on. At least that way I can count my progress, even if I can’t really see it.

In the raspberry bed I am planting golden marjoram. I am hoping to cover the half nearest the house with marjoram, because it keeps the weeds down. It also smells lovely. In the half of the raspberry bed furthest from the house, I am pleased to see that the geraniums and phlox that I bought last year are taking over. So there isn’t such a weed problem there.


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