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Monday 7 May 2007

The weed bed

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Today we were supposed to have rain, since it is a Bank Holiday, but it was only splattering slightly so I went out to survey my annual seed bed. Oh dear.

Whole annual seed bed on 07 May 2007

Here is a close-up of part of it:

Part of annual seed bed on 07 May 2007

You can just about make out some of the annuals trying to grow in a straight line as instructed in the book, but there are also totally unreasonable quantities of forget-me-nots and bittercress, together with a few other weeds whose names I don’t know.

So I got on with it, and pulled out about 10% of the weeds and none (I think) of the plants I actually want, and then decided to go indoors for lunch, and a good thing too because the rain has now properly got going. We could do with it. In the parts of the garden I haven’t been watering, the soil is as dry as dust.

I am pleased to report that the Waldsteinias are producing new leaves, which is a good sign that they aren’t upset about being chopped into pieces. They haven’t gone as far as flowering, though.

The grass seed I sowed on Friday, ten days ago, has suddenly germinated. It definitely hadn’t done anything yesterday morning, but this morning the ground was covered in little shoots. Now all I have to do is to keep it watered, and it should grow beautifully in that lovely soil.


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