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Monday 30 April 2007

Water butts

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Today I have at last succeeded in drilling out the stubborn screw that was fixing the metal plate for my hosepipe reel to the wall. The other three screws came out easily but the fourth would not budge for anything, not even WD-40, so I bought a metal bit from B&Q, broke it while drilling into the screw, and then bought a fatter metal bit, and succeeded in drilling enough of the head off to get the metal plate off. It was necessary to do this because I want to install two water butts in front of that part of the wall. When I feel confident enough that we won’t have a hosepipe ban this summer, I will attach the metal plate for the hosepipe reel to the wall the other side of the tap, and remember to dip the screws in petroleum jelly before screwing them in.

I ordered two water butts last year, and like many people, had to wait several months for them. When the delivery finally arrived, I only got one, so I asked where the other one was, and then the company delivered two. I emailed them to ask them if they wanted the spare one back, and they emailed back to say they would collect it within fourteen days, but they never did. Technically, according to Consumer Advice, I either have to send loads of registered post letters, or wait six years for it to become my property (so that’s about five and a half years to wait) but I don’t think the company will want it back now, and if they do suddenly come to claim it, I’ll ask them to send me an invoice. So I now have four water butts, and I think I can use them. I am thinking about asking the man who cleans my gutters to install them for me. It is not very difficult to install a water butt, but you have to make the cuts in the right place and if you get it wrong you have to buy a new drainpipe, which would be inconvenient as it wouldn’t fit in my car.

The main thing I now need to get on with is specifying and ordering the tool stores. It will really help if I can get most of my gardening equipment out of the garage because then I will be able to find it all, and also will have space in the garage to store the greenhouse in between delivery and installation.


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