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Friday 27 April 2007

Forest Flame

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Just as the garden is gathering momentum, the demand for maths tuition does the same. Friday is the first day this week I have been able to do something in the garden. The tomato seedlings germinated on Wednesday, which was only four days after I sowed them. I think this is quicker than normal, so the propagator speeded the process up.

I sowed the grass seed on the dug-over patch of ground in the front garden. The packet tells you to divide the area into yard or metre squares and weigh out the amount to scatter in each square. I decided to just guess. Then I raked in the seed and stuck some canes around the edge and put a piece of light netting over the ground. I want to protect against cats, pigeons and footballs. I am not sure how effective the barrier will be against any of them, but I shall just have to hope.

I also dug up the dead wisteria in the front garden and replaced it with the new wisteria I bought from Notcutts. This is my third attempt to grow a wisteria. The first one lasted quite a few years before it suddenly died, but the second one only lasted one year. I think the problem is that I have not watered them enough. From now until October the new wisteria will get watered twice a week, along with the cherry tree. If that doesn’t keep it alive, then I think I will have to call it a day with wisteria and grow something else instead.

I have repotted my hedge (Thuja Plicata) into larger pots. It was certainly ready for it. I also divided my ajuga “Chocolate Chip” into four plants. Instead of my usual method of pulling it apart with my hands, I decided to slice it with my biggest spade. I think this was more effective. Mind you, the Waldsteinia, which I brutally divided last week, appears to be still alive.

Finally, I painted the kerria with poisonous red gel. I was pleased to see that the shoots I have already painted do not look well. It may take more than one season to eradicate the kerria, but I have to just keep going or it will take over the entire border again.

Now that my Pieris “Forest Flame” is sitting in a pot instead of hiding behind the buddleia, I can appreciate how beautiful it is. Remind me to plant it somewhere where I can see it next time.

Pieris Forest Flame with new red leaves


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