Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Saturday 21 April 2007

This year’s food

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Usually I grow lots of vegetables in the garden, but this year I know I will be too busy with the renovation project, so I have decided that this year I will just grow tomatoes. I always grow “Sungold”, which is an orange-coloured cherry tomato. It tastes better than any other tomato I have ever tried. I wanted a long thin tray to put on the windowsill, and at B&Q they had a windowsill propagator containing 22 peat pockets, which are little discs that swell up to cylinders when given some water. I thought I would give that a try, although it is an expensive way of raising seedlings. I normally sow them on St George’s Day, 23rd April, but since I may be busy on that day, the Queen’s birthday will have to do instead.

While I was at B&Q I bought a pickaxe for £14.99. I will have a go at breaking up the path with it later on.


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