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Thursday 5 April 2007

The side passage is done

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The men from my landscaping company have suddenly paved over my side passage. The job they were working on finished early, so Richard asked me yesterday if he could do the job today, so I said all right. This morning I moved a few things out of the way, made them some coffee and went to work. When I came back, it was all over.

Paved side passage

The paving is Indian Sandstone from Kebur Concrete in Farnborough, in brown. The white marks on it will wash off after the first rainfall. It has a lovely variation in colour, and there are even fossils in some of the slabs. I love it.

Far right hand corner without posts

I made my most sensible project management decision this year by asking the landscaping company to remove the three posts from the old blackberry frame on the same day. This left holes which they were able to fill with the topsoil they removed from the side passage. You may be able to see in the photograph a small heap of topsoil near the back fence. They also put some in the front garden where I had left a hole after digging up the shrub last week. So I kept all my topsoil, which I shall certainly need later, and didn’t have to pay anything to have it carted off somewhere.

The weather is getting warmer, and I have started watering my pots now. The annual seeds I sowed have come up in nice straight-ish lines, just like the book says. I will have to water them over the Easter weekend because it is going to be very warm.

Seedlings in neat rows


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