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Friday 23 March 2007

The downside of magnolia ownership

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Yesterday we had snow. It didn’t settle except on car roofs, but it was pretty cold. Sadly, my rhododendron is now definitely bovvered. The effect on my magnolia was not good either.

My brown magnolia

Today I dug up some more of the bulbs (you can see them behind the path, in the right hand side of the picture). I decided that they were probably all bluebells and that I didn’t want to keep them. They can’t be grape hyacinths or they would be in flower (see underneath the magnolia). I am pleased to see that the celandines are looking sickly on their weekly dose of glyphosate, and none of them has flowered. I don’t suppose I will eradicate them this year, because I have never succeeded before, but now is a good time to try, since there is nothing in that area that I want to keep, and therefore it doesn’t matter if some of the spray misses the celandines.

In my annual border, there are a few very tiny seedlings poking up out of the earth. My seeds may have germinated. On the other hand, they could equally well be bittercress. I shall have to wait and see.


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