Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Friday 16 March 2007


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Today my Outlook reminders told me it was time to renovate my overgrown honeysuckle by pruning it to within 2 ft of the ground, as instructed in my RHS Encyclopaedia of gardening. But first, take a look at my rhododendron, which I dug up and put in a pot in the winter.


Is it bovvered?

Back to the honeysuckle. This is what it looked like before I started pruning it:


Note the classic signs of a neglected honeysuckle: lots of growth at the top and bottom and virtually none in the middle. Note also, if you like, the amazing vinca minor which does purple flowers in the dark, and the reflection of the camellia in the window.

This is what the honeysuckle looked like when I had finished pruning it.


Now it has no apparent growth at all. But it looks much tidier.


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