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Monday 12 March 2007

Brimstone butterfly

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Today is definitely spring, because I just saw my first brimstone butterfly of the year. It is a big lime-green job, and I had forgotten its name, but I remembered it is usually the first butterfly to appear in spring. I typed “first butterfly” into Google, and found the name.

My pulmonaria is in full flower. It has lovely deep blue flowers, and it is right up there with vinca minor for ability to grow in the dark, so I want lots of it in my garden. I dug it up and divided it into seven pieces. I hope they all survive.

I gave the lesser celandines another dose of glyphosate. So far, none of them has flowered, so they are obviously taking some notice. I also dug up some more bulbs. I cannot believe how many of them I have in my garden. I don’t even know what they all are, but I definitely have too many of them. I think most of them are probably bluebells.


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