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Friday 9 March 2007

Annual sowing

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This week has been a bad week for both gardening and blogging, firstly because it keeps raining, and secondly because my laptop screen blew a gasket and I found I could only read it if I shone a torch on it. (Yes, I did check the battery and the power management settings). But today has been lovely and sunny, and in the morning I sowed my annual border. I decided to put some stepping stones in it. This is not in any of the books, but I can’t see how you are meant to weed it without stepping on something, and I would rather step on a stone than on my flowers.

Annual sowing 2007 03 09

As you can see, my stepping stones are all different and not necessarily beautiful. They are just what I happened to have lying around the garden. I didn’t want to buy any specially because this is only a temporary border. I am hoping that when the plants get going, I won’t be able to see the stones. You can also see that I have marked out the different areas with sharp sand. It was quite difficult to follow my plan to put tall plants at the back and short ones at the front because they were all quite tall except the alyssum and the night scented stocks. Looking left to right, I put larkspur, blue cornflower, poppy and black cornflower along the back, and lavatera, alyssum, blue cornflower and stocks along the front. I put the stocks nearest to the house so I have the greatest chance of being able to smell them through the kitchen window. I sowed the seeds in straight lines, dragging a trowel through the earth to mark the drills, but the lines are all going at different angles so it shouldn’t look too regimented. I can’t imagine my garden ever looking regimented anyway. Perhaps it would be a refreshing change if it did.

And then my new computer arrived, and although I haven’t got it going properly yet because Microsoft Vista doesn’t like my BT Voyager 105 modem, I was able to plug the laptop into the new monitor, so I can see what I am doing enough to write a blog entry.

I didn’t use up all my seeds. I used up all the alyssum (900 seeds) and peony black poppy (750 seeds). I have a small amount of lavatera, some cornflowers and some stocks left over. I have a lot of larkspur left. I may sow some of the leftovers in the front garden.


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