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Friday 2 March 2007


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Today, after all the recent rain, we had a brilliantly sunny and even slightly warm morning. I eagerly got out my spade and trowel, but after digging up the winter jasmine, I found myself wondering what to do. I am waiting for a week or two before sowing my annuals, and in the far end of the right hand border, I am waiting for the many bulbs in there to flower before I decide which ones to keep when I dig them up, and I am also waiting for the lesser celandines to die after squirting them with glyphosate. (I have almost run out of it – must go to Wilkinson’s for some more). I am waiting for the side path to be laid before I work out where I want the toolstores and how big I want them to be, and in the front, along the side of the path that was laid last year, I am waiting for the soil to dry out a bit so I can continue digging over the soil and removing rubble in preparation for planting some climbers.

So I decided to cut back the osteospermum in the front garden, and dig up any layered shoots for propagation. One of the plants has done a bud. It’s not really supposed to flower yet, but this winter some people’s osteospermums never stopped flowering. I also removed as much of my neighbour’s ivy as I could from my fence. In future I am going to keep on top of ivy removal and am not going to let it get out of control again.

The front garden could do with some redesign and renovation, but I can’t take that on at the same time as the back garden. Also there are some problems that need sorting out, the main one being that I don’t own all the land that makes up the patch of land that I see as my front garden. The builders planted some not very good shrubs there ten years ago, and also a cherry tree that may not be in the best of health. I am going to watch it carefully this year and see if it is still alive. I am planning to dig up the shrubs that are definitely on my land and sow grass seed over the area. This will make maintenance easy – no pruning and no weeding, just mowing – until I have finished renovating the back garden and can start on the front.


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