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Wednesday 28 February 2007

Oh no it’s raining again

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Today it rained. Again. I have heard we have had a wetter than average winter, which is good news really if we don’t want a hosepipe ban, but is not good news for garden renovation projects.

I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any more pots, but I have decided I need to dig up the winter flowering jasmine in the side passage because for some reason I didn’t plant it right in the middle of the fence panel with the trellis on it. When I get the passage paved over, I want the gap for the jasmine to be in the centre of the fence panel so it looks smart and symmetrical. So I will dig up the jasmine and plant it when they have finished. This will also prevent the paving men from treading on it. (They didn’t tread on anything that didn’t want treading on when they laid the last lot of paving, but it is quite a cramped space and I see no harm in removing anything delicate out of their way).

So I went to Wilkinson’s and bought four 18cm (7 inch) pots for 69p. I managed to stop myself from buying five convallaria (lily of the valley) for £1. I will not buy any plants that aren’t on my garden design list. Not unless I absolutely, truly have to.


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