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Monday 26 February 2007

Levelling the seed bed

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I have now finished clearing the annual seed bed. I have dug up as much kerria as I could. My plan is to squirt glyphosate on any kerria shoots that start growing again, since by then they will be properly in leaf and will therefore be able to absorb it. I have rescued two clumps which I have put in big pots. Later on, perhaps, I may get a big square pot and put the kerria in that, because I like its cheerful yellow flowers, and also its stems make very good pea sticks. But any kerria that sticks its head out of that border is getting poisoned.

I am not going to sow the annuals yet. I shall wait until March. A good indication of the right time to sow is when weeds start appearing. Lesser celandine doesn’t count as a weed for the purpose of this indicator, or else I would be sowing the seeds in January.

My final job is to level the plot. Minor differences in level will be concealed when the flowers get going, but I still want to get the plot level because it will make it easier to water when we have our hot dry summer. In fact, I want to try and make a slight dip in the middle of the plot so that excess water will drain into there rather than off the path or into next door’s garden. Levelling ground is not easy, even for small areas. I think you are supposed to drive pegs into it and use spirit levels and drag planks across it. I will have to do that when I make my new lawn. Fortunately I already have a spirit level (21st birthday present) and two planks that I sawed off my blackberry frame.


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