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Wednesday 21 February 2007

The side passage is finally cleared

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Today I put in a good two hours’ work. I cleared the last compost bin out of the side passage. The way is now clear to getting the air conditioning unit moved (you can see the pipes on the left hand side) and getting the area paved over apart from a little space for the winter flowering jasmine to continue to attempt to grow. You can just about see the winter flowering jasmine against the fence on the right. It is practically in the dark, so it has done very well to flower at all.


I dug up some of the marjoram at the entrance to the side passage, just behind where I stood to take the photograph, so that I could put a compost bin on that patch of ground. I want to use it to store some of the topsoil that will be dug up when the path is laid. I will almost certainly be short of topsoil when the plan is finished, because I am replacing a sunken pond with a raised one, so I want to keep as much as I can store.

I have also cleared over a third of the annual planting area. I dug up the escallonia. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. If you want a sturdy shrub that grows vigorously and doesn’t budge in a strong wind, escallonia has to be a good bet. But it needs too much pruning to keep it looking nice, and it doesn’t get enough sun in the position I planted it to produce many flowers. It layers itself readily, so I have some of its children in pots in case I change my mind and want to have escallonia ‘Crimson Spire’ again.

I also finally exhausted my collection of plant pots, apart from the smallest ones. I could buy some more (I am sure Wilkinson’s would do me a good deal) but I think I have a ridiculous number of pots as it is, and it will take all day to keep them watered in summer. So when I dug up the hellebore – beautiful deep purple orientalis job – I just moved it to the other side of the garden instead of putting it in a pot.

Oh, and I went to the garden centre on Saturday (Redfields, in Fleet) and bought some reduced-price snowdrops in pots, so when I am ready, I can plant them, and unlike the 50 dry bulbs I bought from B&Q in 1996, they might actually get established!


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