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Saturday 17 February 2007

An interim plan for the right hand border

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According to my original project plan, I was going to get the greenhouse installed first, in late winter or early spring. However, I realised that when the greenhouse was delivered, I would have to store it somewhere until it was installed, and the garage is a bit full. It would help if I could get the tool store in place first, because then I could move the tools out of the garage, freeing up space for the greenhouse. Also, getting the water butts installed is a big priority, because I think it is going to be a hot summer again. Now that I am no longer using the side passage for compost storage, it makes sense to have the air conditioning unit in the side passage rather than against the back wall, so that needs moving. And if I got the side passage paved over, it would make it much easier to install the tool store, since I would have a level base to put it on, and the same thing applies to the water butts. So this is the plan now:

(1) Get the air conditioning unit moved. This, apparently, is not as easy as it sounds, because the refrigerant inside it has to be taken out and put back in.

(2) Get the side passage paved over, and patch over the bit of paving where the air conditioning unit used to be. Also get the contractors to remove the three posts that are set in concrete – or wait until the time of the greenhouse installation if it would be cheaper to do that all at once.

(3) Install water butts. I may get the man who cleans and repairs my gutters to do this, because it sounds as if it is easy, but I know it can be tricky, and I might need to buy a new downpipe if I do it wrong. And I need one of the joints in the gutter at the front of the house repairing so he might as well do the water butts while he is here.

(4) Buy and assemble tool store. This I am sure I can manage myself.

(5) Put tools in tool store and tidy up garage.

(6) Order greenhouse and get it installed.

I want to get the bits of gardening work that I can’t do myself done off season because it is usually cheaper, and also because October and November tend to be fairly quiet times for my maths tuition business, compared with April to June, which are frantic. So I will be aiming to get the greenhouse installed in November. Until then I can’t plant anything permanent in the right hand border, because that is going to get dug up to lay an electric cable for the greenhouse. However, I don’t want to have a stretch of bare ground all summer because it will be overrun with weeds and I will have a job trying to keep them under control.


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