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Friday 20 October 2006

And the final things that are wrong with the garden

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Now I have described the failings of the left and right hand corners of the garden, here is what is wrong with the rest.

(1) The crazy-paving paths don’t match the patio in materials. They also aren’t on quite the same level as the patio.

(2) The border on the right hand side is too wide and therefore difficult to maintain. It needs to have stepping stones in it or be a different, more accessible shape.

(3) The viburnum is not really the most exciting plant to have right in the middle of the back border. Also something keeps eating its leaves.

(4) There isn’t enough space to grow vegetables.

(5) My compost bins are kept at the side of the house, but it isn’t very convenient because the space is so narrow. I have to walk right to the end to dump my fruit and vegetable peelings.

That’s mostly it. In addition, there are things that I would like to add to the garden to improve it.

(1) A greenhouse. I love raising plants. I would like to get my tomatoes and courgettes started early, and also have somewhere to put my cuttings and seed trays.

(2) A tool store. At the moment I have to go right round to the front of the house to get any tools that I want from the garage. This means that I either have to leave the garage door open while I am in the back garden and risk having things stolen, or keep opening and closing the door, which is a nuisance.

(3) Two ponds. My current pond is very popular with the newts, who aren’t worried about it being lop-sided, but I never get any frog tadpoles. I think this is because the newts eat the spawn. The frogs seem to be well aware of this, and only put some spawn in it at the end of the mating season, once they have filled up everyone else’s pond. I would like a deep pond for newts and a shallow pond for frogs. Possibly the newts will take them both over, but at least I will have tried.


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