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Thursday 19 October 2006

What’s wrong with the garden continued

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I shall now look at the left hand corner of the garden. There are even more things wrong with that, if this is possible.

This is the view I have when I look out of my patio doors in the sitting room.

Left hand corner Feb 2006

It’s not a very good shot of the corner because I was trying to show off the colours of the patio in the rain, but it’s the best one I can find at the moment.

The main problem is that the patio area looks massive, the amount of lawn looks tiny, and the back fence looks far too close.

Other problems you can’t see from this picture are: the right hand edge of the pond has sunk, so that means that when the pond is as full as possible, you can still see several inches of pond liner on the right hand side.

The photinia behind the pond is too vigorous for the amount of space it has.

The raspberry frame ( you can see two of its six posts at the left of the picture) is redundant now that all the raspberries that used to grow in it have died of a virus. I can’t grow raspberries in there again unless I replace all the soil, and I don’t think it is worth it, given that the last lot only lasted for a few years.

There is an area around the pond where there are rocks and stepping stones, and I wanted to grow alpines there, but because of the slight slope of the garden, this area tends to get flooded from time to time. So not much grows there, apart from weeds, which I am always fighting.

I have a bog garden around the pond, but it is a nightmare to keep weed-free, and it doesn’t look good in winter because everything in it has died down.


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