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Tuesday 3 October 2006

When to give up with garden design

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All through the spring and summer I have been digging up plants and taking cuttings of the ones I like, ready for the great renovation project. However, I still don’t know how to renovate the garden. I have some ideas, but I don’t know if they will look stupid. I tried putting something into my old garden design software that I bought in about 1998, but it crashed. And I can’t see how I can possibly fit everything in that I want to put in the garden – a greenhouse, a tool storage place, vegetable plots, two ponds and some lawn.

My neighbour across the road, Jane, has just given me a business card from her friend, Yvonne, who is a garden designer and general horticulture expert. I have no idea how much she will charge for sorting out my garden, but I think I have to get someone in to give me advice. Although not all of my ideas have been failures, I have made too many mistakes and I want to get it right, or at least nearly right, this time.

So I have rung Yvonne. She is busy at the moment, but the job isn’t urgent, so I have agreed to wait a couple of weeks, and then she can ring me to arrange a time to visit.


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