Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Wednesday 8 February 2006

The birth of Helen’s Garden Renovation Project

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The garden renovation project really started with the completion of a paved area around the back and side of my house. The landscaping company did a beautiful and professional job, but now it is complete, I can’t help thinking:

(1) The rest of the garden looks really terrible;

(2) The patio dominates the garden, and makes it look much shorter than it used to.

I have some ideas about how to sort this out, such as watering the patio with plant food so it grows lots of green slime and therefore looks as terrible as the rest of the garden, or removing some of the shrubs and trees at the end of the garden so it looks longer, or putting loads of pots on the patio to make it look like less of an unbroken expanse. Somehow, though, I think something more drastic in the way of redesign is called for.


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